All the stuff you need to know about the Baseball SA/Baseball Australia fees, Club Membership fees and Uniforms!!

GRADE AND LEAGUE AGE: We comply with Baseball Australia and Little League International Rules with the 2018-2019 Age Matrix. When you register, you register as your League Age (see Age Matrix 2018-2019).

BASEBALL SA AND BASEBALL AUSTRALIA FEES: These fees are compulsory as they contain an insurance coverage, so players of all levels (from Little Cardinals to all Senior Divisions) must register online with Baseball SA, before being able to participate in competition. Go to Baseball SA’s website www.baseballsa.com.au -> Quick Links -> Registration -> Kensington Baseball Club.


Kensington Baseball Club Memberships: These can now be paid on line. Go to the Club’s website at www.kensingtoncardinals.com.au -> Membership ->New Member ->Complete all fields -> ? (top left hand corner) -> Membership Subscriptions -> Select the appropriate box
Remember to register if you are a volunteer, both with Baseball SA and on our website. There is no cost involved, but you will be covered by the insurance.
Fees for the 2018-19 Season are as follows . . .


SPORTS VOUCHERS: Government subsidized Sports Vouchers ($50.00) are available for each Primary School aged child which may then be used to subsidize the Club Fee. When paying your club membership for a junior player, you are able to select “Sports Voucher” (as long as you haven’t used one already this year!) and after completing the form we will automatically submit it for you and deduct the $50 from your fee.
PLAYER SPONSORSHIP: To enable players (Senior, Ladies and Junior) to recoup Club Membership Fees all players are encouraged to secure a $400.00 Player Sponsorship. Contact Susan Logan, Sponsorship and Marketing Director on 0416 077 456 if you have someone who would like to Sponsor a Player!

UNIFORMS: Most uniform requirements and all Club Merchandise are available online through our Club website. Go to www.kensingtoncardinals.com.au -> Merchandise to make your selections. We thank you for supporting the club this way!

SENIORS: New Division 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and Women’s League Players (or those needing a replacement item) will need to order and purchase a red vest, a navy blue pre-game undershirt together with a Club cap, navy blue socks and navy blue belt to complete the uniform. With the exception of plain grey pants all items can be ordered and purchased through the Club’s Merchandise Link. Plain grey baseball pants may be obtained from Greatrex (details below).

DIVISION 1, 2 ONLY: New Division 1, 2 players and those needing to replace any item of their White or Grey Uniform Top and Pants will be required to order and purchase same from Greatrex.

JUNIORS: All Junior teams (U9 – Don Rice) will need a red vest, Club cap, navy blue undershirt, socks and belt all which can be purchased through the Club’s Merchandise link. They’ll also require plain grey baseball pants from either Powerhouse Sports or Greatrex.
GREATREX SPORTS: 630 Port Road, Beverley – ask for Kelly.

POWERHOUSE SPORTS: Norwood Parade (10% discount for KBC members!)

PERSONAL EQUIPMENT: All Senior and Don Rice League players are be required to purchase their own two- eared batting helmet – navy blue in colour. These can be ordered through Darren Roberts at xtremesportif@bigpond.com.au (8265 7788). A Club logo will be supplied to place on the front of the helmet.

A FINAL NOTE: The Baseball SA and Baseball Australia combined fee payment is required before players are able to participate in the competition and Club Membership fees are due on or before November 9th, 2018. We appreciate your prompt payment as this helps the club provide everything we need to be successful both on and off the field! See you at the ballpark!