Code of Conduct


The Junior Parents Code of Conduct has been developed for all junior parents, who have children registered with the Kensington Baseball Club (KBC).

Throughout all junior grades, the KBC Committee can review bad sportsmanship or poor behaviour at club functions and/or games as reported by Officials or Committee members.  When circumstances warrant, parents will be suspended from using our club facilities. KBC will ensure all of its registered players are aware of the Junior Players Code of Conduct. Parents, Family Members and Supporters are to adhere to the following Code of Conduct at all times.

1. Do not force an unwilling child to participate in Baseball. Allow your child to play the sport of their choice. It is for their enjoyment, not yours.

2. Ensure that your child arrives at training and matches as instructed by their coach.

3. Do not question the umpires’ decisions and/or approach the umpire. (Any problems you have with their decisions are to be dealt with by your Team Manager)

4. Encourage your child to play by the rules. Remember that you are a role model to your child.

5. Take an active interest in your child’s sport development, helping your child work at improving their skill level.

6. Be willing to assist the coaches’/team managers for the benefit of your child.

7. Praise your child’s efforts. Do not ridicule or embarrass if mistakes are made.

8. Parents must remain outside the field of play during games.

9. Parents should refrain from coaching from the sideline and leave the on-field decisions to the coach and umpire. Leave it to your team Coach to make the team decisions.

10. All players are encouraged to stay on the Team Bench during games to learn, concentrate and participate as a team member. Parents and Supporters are required to stay away from the Team Bench unless otherwise requested by the Team Manager or Coach.

11. Remember – Coaches and Team Managers are volunteers. They give their time and resources to provide recreational activities for your child.

12. Teach your child that an honest effort is as important as a victory so that the results of each game are accepted without undue                          disappointment.

13. Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from sporting activities.

14. Parents should not indulge in alcohol/drug abuse during their involvement with the club.

15. Alcohol must be consumed in the designated area, not on the oval.


The Junior Player Code of Conduct has been developed for all registered junior players participating in competitions administered by the SABL and ABL.

A player’s public behaviour will be closely observed by others as he / she represents the Kensington Baseball Club (KBC). Any behaviour that is unlawful or disrespectful to others is an insult and indictment of everyone associated with the team and club.

If, on the report of an umpire, team or association official, there is a serious breach of the Code
of Conduct, the player and parents will be cited to appear before representatives of the KBC Committee and shall be dealt with at the committee’s discretion.

KBC will ensure all of its registered players are aware of the Junior Players Code of Conduct. Parents, Family Members and Supporters are to adhere to the following Code of Conduct at all times.

1. All Junior Players shall at all times compete by the competition conditions and rules and in the spirit and intent contained therein.

2. Junior Players will not criticise or abuse umpires, opposing players or spectators either verbally or by gesture or manner.

3. Junior Players will show respect for their opponents and their skills.

4. The use of drugs of any kind is totally banned unless prescribed by a licensed physician.

5. No Junior Player shall not use indecent or profane language whilst in uniform at a venue used for the game of baseball. “Uniform” shall            include the wearing or display of the Club or Association colours, badges, jackets, etc. which imply an affiliation with KBC.

6. Junior Players shall not engage in any activity which is likely to result in loss or willful damage to property or cause injury to any person.

7. Junior Players shall not abuse equipment or place other players, umpires or spectators at risk of injury by throwing of bats or helmets etc.

8. All equipment not in use shall be kept within the dugout or shaded area for the bench.

9. All players will show respect and consideration to other team members, at all times.

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