All Time All Stars 2017


In February 2017, Kensington Baseball Club held its very first Gala Dinner, bringing old
and new players, supporters and members together in the luxury Crowne Plaza,
Hindmarsh Square for a wonderful evening of dinner, dancing and celebration.
A sub-committee that consisted of Chris Jones, Colin Alexander, Brian Stevens, Darren
Roberts & Leigh Norman came together to select an All Time, All Stars team –  combining
the eras and assembling the greatest team we could put on the field. Given the great
names that have played at Kensington, it was not an easy task. After much debate the
team was finalized and we proudly presented them that night.  We recognised 31 All
Stars – going back through the history of our club and pulling out the best – imagine if
we could bring them all together in the time-space continuum to play just one season!


Starting Pitchers

Game 1 Starting Pitcher
Jeff was the 222nd player to play A grade at Kensington. Jeff played only three seasons at the Club, but his impact was significant. Over those seasons he played 120 games, highlighted by Premierships in each of those seasons. In his first season he was runner-up in the Capps Medal (by all reports he  was robbed) then in his final two seasons the umpires came to their senses and he was the recipient on both occasions.
Jeff was awarded the Max Galloway medal twice, and now sits second to Nick Talbot in all time wins at the Kensington Baseball Club.
He managed to fit a lifetime of achievements into three short summers at our Club and we are forever grateful for his contribution.


Game 2 Starting Pitcher
Nick was the 353rd player to play A grade at Kensington. At the ripe old age of 29, Nick has achieved an enormous amount.
In nine seasons, he has played 286 games and up until this point in his career has won three Capps medals. In 2016/17 he took over as the Pitcher with the most career wins for Kensington – 61 wins and counting.
Nick represented South Australia for the first time in 2008 and he has been an Adelaide Bite member since his debut at State level. He has won three Grand Final Most Valuable Player awards, three Max Galloway medals and he has been a member of the SABL team of the year on three occasions. On five separate occasions he has been a Premiership player at Kensington, and
 he is currently our Club co-captain.


Game 3 Starting Pitcher
(Photographed – John’s daughters, Vanessa Langley, Melissa Stevens and Belinda Phillips collected his award)
John was the 103rd player to play A grade at Kensington. In 13 seasons forour Club he played in 156 games. John was one of the elite players of his time, playing for South Australia from 1956 to 1958. His greatest achievement was pitching for Australia in the 1956 Olympic Games held in Melbourne, reportedly in front of a crowd of over 100,000 spectators at the MCG.


Middle Relief Pitcher
Pat was the first player credited with playing A grade at Kensington. This is because he was the starting pitcher for our first ever game. In 10 seasons as an A grade player Pat played in 106 games for Kensington.
Pat captained South Australia from 1926 to 1935, whilst at the same time serving as a state selector & SABL President during these years. In 1929 Pat was picked to play for Australia and was named vice captain.
Pat was awarded life membership of Kensington in 1937 and then a year later, life membership of the SABL.
Pat passed away in 1940.  As we were unable to find any surviving relatives, Chris Jones (Club Historian) collected his award and it will be proudly displayed in our club rooms.


Closing Pitcher
Shayne was the 328th player to play A grade at Kensington. He played in four seasons for the Club, appearing in 56 games.
He became the sixth Australian to play Major League baseball when he took the mound during the Montreal Expos on the 22nd of August 1997.
He became an Olympian when he took the mound for Australia in the 2000 Olympics  in Sydney.
Shayne came to Kensington as a player/coach in 2003 /04, where we won a Premiership in his first year at the Club. He coached and played for a further 3 seasons until his retirement in 2007. Shayne was inducted into the Australian Baseball Hall of Fame in 2007/08.

Starting Position Players

Lead off hitter – playing 2nd Base
Darren was the 220th player to play A grade at Kensington. He played in 108 games in five seasons at A grade level for the Club. A pivotal part of our mid 80’s three peat, Darren was a fixture at 2nd base for Kensington. He was the proto-typical lead-off hitter, a great eye at the plate, sneaky power combined with elite speed on the base-paths. Darren had an  uncanny ability to hit a home-run off the first pitch of the game, or even the first pitch of the season, which he did in 1987.
Darren played for South Australia on numerous occasions and to this day remains a big part of the Club, running the signs as the A grade 3rd base coach.


Hitting 2nd – playing 3rd Base
Brian was the 213th player to play A grade at Kensington. He played in 169 games in six seasons at A grade level for the Club. Brian was a tremendous pure hitter, a hitter that you could build a team around.In his younger days, he was the first Australian to ever play college Baseball in the USA, it was there he honed his skills to become the player & coach that he was.
Brian played in the Claxton Shield for South Australia each year that he was  with Kensington and like many here tonight was part of the famous three peat in the 1980’s. For two of those premierships he was Coach of the side.
Brian was awarded the Capps medal in 1990/1991 as part of the Port Adelaide Baseball Club.


Hitting 3rd – playing left field
Leigh was the 299th player to play A grade at Kensington. He has played over 500 games & still counting in 16 seasons at A grade level for the Club. Leigh is nothing short of a hitting machine. Throughout his career he has accumulated 10 seasons with 40+ hits and 4 seasons with 50+ hits.  Up until the end of last season Leigh had 691 hits, which ranks a number one all
time high and 113 home runs for Kensington, which ranks number two all time.
He has won a record eight Max Galloway awards for Best and Fairest and he has won six batting titles for the Club. Leigh has been part of the SABL all-star team six times and in 2005/06 made his debut at Claxton Shield level for South Australia. He has been a part of six A grade premierships for Kensington.


Hitting 4th – playing first base
Col was the 193rd player to play A grade at Kensington. He played 337 games over 13 seasons at A grade level for the Club.
Col was and remains to this day a larger than life character in baseball circles. During his prime he was the most feared hitter in both South Australia and Australia. His ability to hit the long ball was extraordinary and some of his feats have become folk-lore. He had numerous three home run games in his career and had seasons where he hit more than 20 home runs. It would be unfair to label him just a home run hitter though. In three straight seasons he had hitting streaks that exceeded 22 games and in 1985/86 he accumulated 60 hits for the season.
Col won the Club batting title nine times, including two SABL batting titles and two SABL RBI titles. He has the third most hits and the third most home runs in club history.
 He has been the A grade club coach on numerous occasions, becoming a premiership coach in 1983/84, as well as a three time premiership player. In 2000 he became a life member.  In 1974/75 whilst part of the Glenelg Baseball Club he won the Capps medal.


Hitting 5th – playing centre field
Jim was the 183rd player to play A grade at Kensington when he debuted in 1974/75. He played a club record 614 A grade games over 26 seasons for Kensington. For a quarter of a century Jim was one of the most feared hitters in the South Australian Baseball League, his innate ability to get the job done in pressure situations became legendary.
In back to back seasons 1984/85 and 1985/86, Jim produced two seasons that rank as perhaps the best in our history. In 1984/85 he led the SABL in home runs, RBI’s and was outfielder of the year. In the following season he
won the SABL batting title, SABL RBI title & again was the outfielder of the year. He was second in the SABL to Col Alexander in the Home run race.  Jim amassed the 2nd most hits in club history, & has the most home runs in Club history with 152 long balls.
He represented South Australia in four Claxton Shields & won four Max Galloway awards. In 1988 he was awarded life membership at the club.

Hitting 6th – playing short stop
(Photographed – Alan Favell)                                                                                                                               Les was the 100th player to play A grade at Kensington when he debuted in 1952. He played 152 A grade games over 10 seasons for Kensington. Although more famous for his ability as a Cricketer, many are unaware of Les’s ability on the Baseball field. In 1953 Les played for South Australia for the first time as a Baseballer and was selected in the Australian Baseball team that same year. He was again selected for South Australia and Australia the following year in 1954.  Les was part of our 1956 & 1959 premierships and he was the recipient of the Club batting title in both 1954 & 1958.  As a cricketer Les played in 19 test matches for Australia from 1954 to 1961, he was known for his attacking style as batsman, with his two favourite shots the pull shot & cut shot holding him in good stead in the batting box as baseballer. He famously would sing “happy birthday to me” within an earshot of the opposition bowlers when he was feeling particularly confident.  Les passed away in 1987 and his son Alan collected his award on the night.


Hitting 7th – playing right field
Graham was the 110th player to play A grade at Kensington when he debuted in 1955. He played 189 A grade games over 11 seasons for Kensington. Graham was a fantastic outfielder with a cannon of an arm and was a feared left handed hitter with explosive power.  In only his second season in A grade, Graham became a premiership player in 1956, he repeated that feat in 1959, winning his second Premiership at the Club. In 1960 Graham made his debut for South Australia and he remained in the State side until 1964. Graham was named in the Australian team in 1962. He won the club batting title in both the 1963 and 1965 seasons and was  named club coach in 1965.


Hitting 8th – Designated Hitter
Scott was the 316th player to play A grade at Kensington when he debuted in 2002/03. He has played 210 A grade games and counting over 13 seasons for Kensington. Son of Jim, Scotty was always destined to become a great Baseballer. However, not blessed with the greatest of speed or the quickest runner, Scott had to work hard to become the player he is.  Upon his A grade debut, Scott became a fixture at 2nd base in the A grade line-up. In only his second season he was part of his first A grade premiership team. It was this season when he made his debut for South Australia in the Claxton Shield. He would continue to play for South Australia and the Adelaide Bite many times over his career.
Scott has made the SABL Team of the Year on two separate occasions, and in 2011/12 won the club Best and Fairest award.
 In 2005 Scott went to play college ball in the USA, the first two seasons at Parkland and then four years at Tennessee-Martin. He had a great college career, coming second in the nation in hitting during his final year. Scott has played in six A grade premierships for Kensington.


Hitting 9th – Catcher
Bob was the 109th player to play A grade at Kensington when he debuted in 1955. He played 86 A grade games over five seasons for Kensington.  Bob’s debut at Kensington coincided with his call up to the state side in 1955. He would go on to catch for South Australia again in 1956. Bob was part of the 1956 and 1959 Premiership teams. He was known as the best defensive Catcher in South Australia during his time, with only the most foolish base runners attempting to steal bases on him. Not just an elite defensive Catcher, Bob was a middle of the line-up  hitter with power to all fields.


Lincoln was the 187th player to play A grade at Kensington when he debuted in 1975/76, winning the SABL “Rookie of the Year” award that year. He played 370 A grade games over 15 seasons for Kensington.  Lincoln could do it all, in any position on the Baseball field. Whether it was catching, 3rd base or even on the pitcher’s mound, Lincoln would get the job done. He had a tremendous junior career, making the Australian under 13’s, State under 13’s, 15’s and 17’s. Lincoln won the Best and Fairest award in 1979/80 and became a State player for the first time in 1981/82. He again represented South Australia during the 1987/88 season.
 He was a huge contributor to the three peat premiership of the mid 80’s playing a variety of roles. He would go on to Coach Kensington from 1988 through to 1991, and in 1990 was awarded life membership of the Club.

Coaching Staff

Mark has been the trainer at Kensington since 1984, and continues in this role today. Mark has had enormous impact since his arrival over 30 years ago. Almost every player in his time has needed his help at one time or another to get on the park to play.
He was officially recognized for his service in 1996 where he was awarded Kensington life membership.


3rd Assistant Coach
Tony was the 121st player to play A grade at Kensington. He played 18 seasons at A grade level, appearing in 266 games for the Club. An outstanding junior, Tony represented South Australia as a State Schoolboy in 1958. Before long he was a regular at A grade level winning numerous batting titles along the way. He began coaching A grade in the 1969/70 season and continued until the 1973/74 season. In 1978 his contribution was recognized when he was awarded life membership of our Baseball Club.


1st Assistant Coach
Bruce was the 92nd player to play A grade at Kensington. He played a total of 266 games for Kensington over the course of 19 seasons. Bruce had a tremendous career at the Kensington Baseball Club. He was a two time premiership player, the first one in 1956 and the second in 1959. In 1953 he made his State debut and following a year of outstanding form, made his Australian debut later that same year. Bruce played 6 Claxton shields for South Australia. He was named Kensington Coach in 1955 and continued on until 1964. He was honoured in 1967 when awarded club life-membership.


2nd Assistant Coach                                                                                                                                     Garth was the 45th player to play A grade at Kensington. Winning the Capps Medal in 1941, Garth was a superstar in his era.
Over the course of eight seasons, Garth appeared in 177 games for Kensington. Garth was an all-round player in every sense. He was a dominant Pitcher on the mound and also a very dangerous hitter. Garth coached Kensington in several stints, most recently in 1954.
Unfortunately Garth Burton passed away some years ago, but we fondly remember his contribution.


Head Coach
Leigh was the 273rd player to play A grade at Kensington. He debuted in A grade in 1996, winning the SABL Rookie of the Year award that same year. Leigh played 15 seasons in A grade, playing in 258 games for the Club. During that time he played in two Claxton shields for South Australia. He is now third to Nick Talbot & Jeff Fiechtner in all time wins for the Club.
He was awarded Player life membership in 2010. Leigh made his coaching debut in 2007/08 and remains the A grade Coach.
In that time he has guided the Club to five A grade Premierships.
Leigh was appointed a scout for the New York Yankees in 2015 and has been named SABL coach of the year on 3 occasions.
This year he notched the notable mile-stone of coaching his 300th A grade game, the most in Club history.



Bill was the 77th player to play A grade at Kensington. He played a total of 55 games for Kensington over the course of 5 seasons. Bill was a utility fielder who would play any position the team needed him to on the day. He was a regular at State level during the late 40’s & early 50’s.   The highlight of Bill’s career was winning the Capps Medal in 1951.



Brett was the 218th player to play A grade at Kensington. He played a total of 300 games for Kensington over the course of 18 seasons. He famously hit a grand slam in his final game at A grade level. Brett was a member of the three peat team from the mid 80’s; he was a fixture at right field and would often be called on to pitch in relief at the end of the game.
He made his State debut in 1987 and remained in the State side until his ABL debut in 1991. Brett was also selected for the Australian team.   Brett was awarded life membership in 2000.


Brian was the 98th player to play A grade at Kensington. He played a total of 147 games for Kensington over the course of nine seasons.  Brian played predominantly 1st base throughout his career and he was regarded as one of the best fielding 1st basemen in his era. However he is  mainly remembered for his explosive power in the batting box.
Brian made his Claxton shield debut in 1955 and also made the team in the following season.


Derek was the 186th player to play A grade at Kensington. He played a total of 380 A grade games for Kensington over 20 seasons. Derek was a fixture at short stop throughout his career.  He was not a flashy player, but would always get the job done.  He made his A grade debut in 1975 and within a year had secured the A-grade batting title. He went on to win two Best and Fairest awards at a time when the team was stacked with his stars. In 1986 he made his Claxton Shield debut for South Australia.   He will best be remembered at this club for his role in the three straight Premierships in the mid 80’s.


Gerry was the 91st player to play A grade at Kensington.  He played a total of 180 A grade games for Kensington over 11 seasons. Gerry made his A grade debut in 1949 and was one of the elite players of his era. He could do it all on the Baseball field, whether it was catching or at  second base – he was among the league’s best.
In 1956 Gerry made his State debut and later that year made his first appearance for Australia. He would go on to represent South Australia in four  more Claxton Shields in his career. He also played in our 1959 Premiership  side.


GLENN JONES SNR                                                                                                                                        Glenn was the 216th player to play A grade at Kensington. He played a total of 275 games for Kensington over the course of 15 seasons.  Glenn was predominantly a second baseman, but spent some time at third base awell during his career. He will be remembered for his elite hands and  footwork turning double plays at second base, combined with his power in
the batting box.  He was a Premiership player in 1985/86 and made his debut for South
Australia the following year in 1987. Glenn was awarded club life  membership in 1995.


Ian was the 123rd player to play A grade baseball at Kensington.  He played a total of 120 games for Kensington over 8 seasons.
Ian made his first Kensington A grade appearance in 1959, a premiership year for the Club. The following year he made the South Australian team for the first time. Later that year he would debut for Australia. In 1964 Ian won the Capps Medal after a dominant year on the mound.  Only a month ago Ian donated that Capps Medal back to the Club.


MARK BORN                                                                                                                                             Mark was the 211th player to play A grade at Kensington. He played a total of 116 games for Kensington over the course of six seasons.  “Molly” as he was known, was a powerful hitting left fielder during his time at the Club. In the later stages of his career he would spend most of his
time at first base. Mark made his A grade debut in 1981 and then in 1983 played his first game
for South Australia. He was a two time premiership player in 1984/85 and 1985/86. Due to work reasons he transferred to Port Adelaide, winning the  Capps Medal in 1996/97.


Max was the 115th player to play A grade at Kensington. He played 13 seasons in A grade, for a total of 172 games. Max was predominantly a 1st baseman with a great swing. He once collected three hits in one innings in a State game. He won the Cardinals batting titles five times.
Max represented South Australia at four different Claxton Shields and played  for Australia on two occasions. He coached Division 1 for three seasons.


 Michael was the 288th player to play A grade at Kensington. He played a  total of 442 games for Kensington over the course of 14 seasons. Michael began his career as an outfielder, who would on occasion venture to the mound when it was absolutely necessary. In 2006, on advice from the Coach Shayne Bennett, he decided to give Pitching a proper go, with the use of his trademark knuckle ball.
What followed in 2007/08 was one of the greatest seasons produced by a Kensington Player. Michael won the Club batting title, the Max Galloway medal and the Capps Medal that year in an extraordinary performance. He was named in the South Australian Claxton Shield team the following season. Michael played in four Premierships for Kensington, including the  2009 – 2012 three-peat.


Rob was the 174th player to play A grade at Kensington. He played a total of 131 games for the Club over the course of seven seasons.
 A Pitcher by trade, Rob was a dominant Pitcher on the mound for Kensington in the mid to late 1970’s. Rob made his debut for the club in season 1973/74 and only three seasons later in 1976/77  he made his first appearance for South Australia. He would continue to play for South Australia in three more Claxton Shields.
The highlight of Rob’s career came in 1978/79 when he was selected to play for Australia.


Congratulations to all members of the 2017 All Time, All Stars team!

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