KBC Strategic Intent


Player Development

  • Provide a pathway for players to be selected at State, National, International Levels and recruitment to US College Programs.
  • Be the BEST junior and senior club in South Australia and be the club of choice for new and current players looking to further develop themselves as elite baseballers.
  • Continue to increase player participation numbers, in all Junior age groups, with a focus on participating in U9 league competition and Mighty Bite T-Ball carnivals, with a goal to enrol 200 Little Cardinals every season.
  • Provide a playing and training environment which continually improves skills at every training opportunity and allows every player to push their limits to enhance development.

 Club Viability

  • Increase fundraising involvement across all club levels
  • Increase sponsorship of club and individual players
  • Increase outside revenues through events, donations and grants
  • Continually review and re-negotiate prices with suppliers (electricity, insurance, waste removal, etc)

Player and Supporter Retention

  • Develop ongoing special ‘days’ to encourage past players to stay connected to club, e.g. “Past Players Day”
  • Recognise club members (players and supporters) regularly for continued support

Community Awareness

  • Build healthy relationships with local community and council with the development of a Community Liaison Board Member

Club Facilities

  • Promote the use of clubrooms for functions and events, especially during the off season. Investigate the feasibility of a second storey to accommodate bar (ground floor to be dining)
  • Renovate kitchen facilities to include fryer, grill, full kitchen facilities.
  • Increase bar and canteen profitability with careful stock management and product promotion.

Excellence in Coaching

  • KBC will be known has a ‘Hotbed of Talent’ throughout the SABL and National Leagues, by offering the latest training and coaching methods.
  • All junior and competitive senior grades have well trained and educated Coaches.
  • Encourage and motivate players and former competitive grade senior players to either coach Junior teams or become specialist coaches for KBC.
  • A Junior Coaching Program to be implemented and focused on teaching correct baseball motions as a priority from the Tball Level (Little Cardinals Baseball) and throughout all Junior Grades.
  • Provide an organisational structure for all teams, so that Coaches can spend more time focussing on coaching, with team management supplied by other persons.
  • Develop Junior and Senior Teams which are consistently competing in SABL finals.

Player Facilities

  • Upgrade change rooms to include female facilities.


  • Encourage parents and community members to join board and take on small, manageable roles
  • Operations/procedure manuals be developed to ensure smooth, consistent club management

To see the Strategic Intent in .pdf, click below:

KBC Strategic Intent (Sept 2018)


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