General Club Information


KBC has several different membership categories.

  • General Club Membership
  • Playing Members (Senior and Junior)
  • Playing Coaches
  • Non Playing Coaches
  • Player Life Members

GENERAL CLUB MEMBERSHIP: Board Members, Non-Playing Coaches, Team Managers, Scorers and Voluntary Club Personnel are required to become General Club Members and fill out a Kensington Baseball Club Membership Form (General). The Fee for the 2017/18 Season is $25.00. (One parent of Junior players and Cardinals Little Baseball players will be asked to nominate as a General Club Member which is included in Junior/Cardinals Little Baseball Fees.) General Club Membership comes with benefits such as discount at various outlets for Club supporters and Sponsors, as well as a Robin Hood Membership card.

Board Members, Non-Playing Coaches, Team Managers, Scorers and Voluntary Club Personnel are also required to register with Baseball SA for insurance purposes – no fee is required.  Go to the Baseball SA website at and follow the link to Registration.

PARENTAL ASSISTANCE AND SUPPORT: There is no doubt that when our children play sport, the experience is enhanced by the involvement of the parent/s. Each of the Club’s junior teams requires parental support in order to function. Team Managers play a crucial role in communication with team members and coaching staff and organising rosters for other roles that can be rotated on a weekly basis. These include Scorer, Grounds Person on game day and Canteen duties. This then allows the coach to be totally focused on helping our young players gain the experience and skills they need to fully enjoy the sport.

CLINICS FOR COACHES AND SCORERS: Baseball SA requires that every team has a Coach, Assistant Coach, Team Manager and Scorer. Clinics can be arranged to learn the basics, some aspects can be done on-line. David Gibbs the Club’s Junior Baseball Director will be looking for parents to become involved. Clinics will not take up a lot of your time and are very rewarding and you will be helping your child’s team. The Club will meet any costs that may be associated with these clinics. For more information, contact David Gibbs on 0432 436 162 or

We endeavour to keep fees as low as possible, but as with all amateur sports clubs, times are tight and everyone is time poor. We ask that all Members, Parents and Supporters assist the club wherever possible – paying dues on time, securing player sponsorship, support the club rooms after training and on match days, as well as at fundraising and social functions throughout the year. Many hands do make light work.  If we all play a small part, the proud 91 year tradition of the Kensington Baseball Club will continue to remain viable and we will then be able to achieve our goals both on and off the field!