Kensington Cardinals Baseball

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A Little About Us:

The Kensington Baseball Club has for over 90 years played an integral role in the community life of the Eastern suburbs

With players ranging in age from eight to veteran we place a strong emphasis on our role in the community for the development and well-being of a large number of Youth and Adults.

The ‘Cardinals’ (as we are known) are a Division 1 Club. We currently provide an opportunity to participate at all levels of Baseball SA’s Summer Competition: Seniors Baseball Divisions 1-7; Youth Baseball -Don Rice (U19), Senior League (U17), Junior League (U15), Little League (U13), Minor League (U11) and Pee Wee League (U9).

Our Community based Little Cardinals Baseball is a skill based fun program for 4 to 9 year olds played on Friday evenings at our Club grounds, Newland Park, Erindale during the summer months.

Our Strategic Intent outlines the Club’s goals and ambitions moving forward.

We have excellent club rooms, canteen and bar facilities where players, their family and our supporters can come, relax and enjoy a friendly social atmosphere during and after games.

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